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cazal Sunglasses

CAZAL eyewear has been iconic since the 80’s. Within the world of luxury brands it is hip-hop royalty. Austrian designer Cari Zalloni, based in Germany, completely revolutionized eyewear. CAZAL sunglasses were the beginning of something; an era where sunglasses weren’t just about protection from the sun. They were a statement. Someone who was, or wanted to be something, needed to stand out. This is how Zalloni made an impact, and turned sunglasses into something culturally important. Even today, our brightest stars are rocking a pair and are seen in music videos and paparazzi shots. We recommend checking out the fiercest new styles, the CAZAL 633/3 and the CAZAL 607S . Trust us on this.

Our wide range of CAZAL sunglasses are guaranteed authentic, and we offer a safe and efficient means of purchase!